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The ceaseless efforts of their marketing team and their attendance at all motorized events yield positive effects. Their challenge is to provide riding access to more people with the right vehicle in their range. The obvious step is to dispel some reluctance to a little-known brand on the off-road vehicles market. This constant struggle has a very positive impact on sales, and we are witnessing an increased influence of the manufacturer with the emblem that resembles a flag in the wind belted with a graceful silhouette.

The additional HP are immediately felt from the thrust of the accelerator.

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The power delivery is such that we were surprised by the dynamism of this vehicle. This ability, that forced us to firmly grip the XC handlebars, is no stranger to its combination with a CVtech dry clutch. We have already discussed the different characteristics of these two types of clutches Quadnet. In summary, while these two types of clutches have their good and bad sides and their own efficiency, the dry clutch offers a more vigorous and a more immediate response than the wet clutch.

Full Review of the 2019 CFMOTO UFORCE 1000 EPS LX

A dry clutch results is a vehicle that better responds to the rider. However, this winning combination requires a throttle dosage from the pilot on some occasions, otherwise a possible rear axle sideslip will be noticeable. In this case, they did not skimp on the means to create a functional chassis that has the capacity to receive the abuse usually reserved for our recreational activity.

The looks have been completely revised and it is undoubtedly very successful and attractive. The dimensions are very impressive and make this vehicle a heavyweight in its category. The front grille complemented by the chrome bumper and LED headlights is possibly one of the most successful arrangements on the market. The black and orange durable automotive type bodywork paint is sharp looking. The salient curves and small details make this ATV a very appealing vehicle to look at.

USB and 12V moisture-proof accessories plugs have been installed to accommodate those who need to power auxiliary equipment. Also note the brand-new handguards that fit perfectly the overall design of the vehicle. The latter offer adequate protection against the cold weather and other elements that could end up against your passage.

The robust and functional design ensures long-term durability. The controls arrangement on the handlebars is very well organized and al controls are easily accessible.

The turn signal selection unique in the industry is easily done with the left thumb. In fact, all controls are located on the left including the horn switch, hazard warning, start, engine stop, lighting selection and winch control. On the right side, there is of course the throttle control and the traction mode selection 2wd, 4wd, electric differential lock.

cf moto utv reviews

There is something new that has surprised us by its ingenuity: the parking brake may seem difficult to operate, but when engaged its efficiency is second to none.They operate out of an incredible 1. What sets them apart from the rest of the Chinese manufacturers is their focus towards incredible customer service and dealer network. The new ZForce EX might be the exception, as we jumped at the chance and boarded a plane to go race one at the 12 Hours of La Tuque.

The ZForce EX runs pretty darn good. While the La Tuque racecourse consists entirely of deep, power robbing, riverbed-type sand, we were still able to see close to 50 mph in the longest straightaways. It seemed slightly slower than the Wildcat Sports that were on course, but definitely faster than a Rhino or one of the new Wolverines. Shifting the ZForce is pretty straightforward and simple; the shifter features a lockout button, but we noticed it would still shift without it activated.

With our race machine being a non-EPS unit, there was some worry about stiffer or busier steering. After a few laps of testing, though, we realized that the steering was still plenty light, and it would be a huge advantage with the deep sand and even deeper ruts developing in the turns.

Like most other diff-lock systems, it will pull you up or out of just about any situation, but steering is drastically affected, and you would definitely appreciate the optional EPS system.

The EX suspension was more than impressive. The ZForce ride is very predictable and stable. The Overall, we were overly impressed with the suspension, overly impressed with the suspension, especially when comparing it to especially when comparing it to previous CFMoto models or previous CFMoto models or especially anything else especially anything else produced in China.

Overall, the ZForce handles pretty well. On hardpack, front-end push is slightly noticeable, but it really hooks up and turns in sand or anywhere else that it can get a little bite. Tracking through a rutted berm is also very predictable and wellmannered. Pretty much every turn in La Tuque was rutted after a few laps, and you could really lay the ZForce into it trustingly. As for deep mud action, it would be a guess, but the protection from fling-off was pretty good, especially as our unit was equipped with full Kimpex aluminum doors.

It also comes equipped with a pretty nicelooking pound winch right from the factory. Twelve inches of ground clearance will undoubtedly be an asset in the rocks, as will the winch. This might pose a durability issue worth looking at if rock crawling is your thing.

The brakes were decent. It features a four-wheel hydraulic disc brake system like most of the competition, but the pedal feel was not really what we would call consistent or over-the-top good. It also has the ability of four-wheel engine braking when picking down technical hills in 4WD where the RZR only has rear-wheel braking. The completely digital dash is nice, and there are rocker switches to operate all the ZForce functions, like turn signals, hazards and the horn.

The stock seat belts are similar to a four-point race harness, but they completely missed the boat on proper mounting location. By design, a four point harness needs to run over your shoulders and then down through the seat to a mounting point.

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The CFMoto belts mount 3 inches above your shoulders, leaving the occupant floating around, truly unrestrained. In an effort to feel safe while motoing the ZForce at race speed, we realized the upper mount could be unbolted and then run under the lower bar and remounted. This essentially lowered the pull point by about 4 inches, which is much more effective, but could still use another 2—3 inches.Once in a blue moon the ATVing industry throws us a curveball.

The market is filled with reliable high-performancemachines and dependable workhorses so, why change anything right?

cf moto utv reviews

The domestic American manufacturers own the big bore performance segment and the Japanese,own the small bore to mid size single cylinder market. While being an cc V-Twin, it had a few flaws that, again, were taken care of.

Most of the little bugs were ironed out and on the mechanical side, the units were pretty good. My only gripe with them was the looks. My first contact was at the annual dealer convention last summer and … my jaw dropped!

cf moto utv reviews

No, I really mean it, my jaw was ajar and I probably looked like my brain justfroze up when I saw it up close and personal. Aside from the looks which we were quite familiar with from the European leaks, I actually crawled under totake a look at what was under the gorgeous body. This ATV is the real deal. This is a Chinese ATV???? You know? Carl knows we are not going to baby it and is fine with that. Our tester is black and it is gorgeous! They finally nailed it! The flowing lines, that grille and those headlights!

So beautiful and tastefully done. Even the rear end looks great with the LED lights and larger storage compartment. The luggage racks are made of injected plasticwith a steel chassis and complement the aesthetics quite nicely. And it goes on and on… The seats and ergonomics are the best part.

Much better comfort for the rider and passenger. The multi-position handholds are perfect and better placed for the passenger when the going gets rough. Subtle touches like a dual USB power outlet, the lockable transmission, stock dual mirrors that you can actually see what going on behind with and the pre-wired trailer harness make the already long feature list even better.

Trust me on this, you have to see one in person because the pictures do not tell all. Motor: All new! The primary centrifugal clutch is finally gone! Dry clutch baby! I love it! All the power is directly fed to the CVT and back out to the transmission. Instead of the old all in one design of the previous model which felt like it robbed a few ponies. Gone is the top end happy mill that lacked a little torque lower in the revrange. This new engine has a lot of grunt off idle and through the mid-range but is less nervous near redline.

I find this engine better suited for a big two up machine. The vibrations are damped better and make it feel more sophisticated than the previous model.They are a Chinese manufacturer and they have been growing here in the west.

The question is, are they worth it? What is the quality like? They are a Chinese manufacturer and they break the mold of terribly made products coming from China. They keep up with their competition and are growing in popularity. They have done well and it shows from their products. Keep your eyes peeled because they are only going to get more popular. I will be going over some important parts of the vehicle and talking about the specs and how it compares.

One area that I think that CFMoto shines is their engines. For the lower price you pay, you would expect an engine that does not perform as well as other more expensive name brands. The UForce has a V-Twin cylinder, 4-stroke engine. I created the table to show you how similar the specs are in a CFMoto engine to that of a name brand. It holds its own.

The great thing about this is the price tag. Their side-by-sides are incredibly well priced for what you get. A majority of aftermarket products you may invest in will already come with a CFMoto side-by-side. It has 79 Horsepower which is only slightly below the other ones. As you can see, it has the power to keep up with the competition. CFMoto is making a name for themselves by selling side-by-sides at a cheaper price without skimping on important specs. Its fuel efficiency is above that of the Defender.

It only lags a little behind the Polaris Ranger. CFMoto has put their work in and it shows. They are certainly growing. The smaller models are excellent too. They perform well against the competition. In general, the transmission consists of high gear, low gear, and reverse.

The shifting between gears is clean and smooth. I do not remember things be clunky or weird when I was riding a CFMoto side-by-side. Because things can get hairy and pretty messy, the vehicles come with an electronic locking differential to help out in times of need.

What that does is basically override the difference in the wheels turning and sort of locks them into place to turn in unison.CFMoto Canada is still paying the price for these mishaps to this day. But, instead of giving up as many of the generic Chinese brands that folded and left their customers with expensive paperweights, they rolled up their sleeves and worked with the manufacturer to redesign their ATV and UTV lines from top to bottom.

With the subsequent arrival of the Force series, the Zforce, Cforce and Uforce, CFMoto is now able to compete in the international off-road vehicle arena.

A new model for This small cc ATV is built on the more compact platform of its cc little brother to reduce weight and make it more maneuverable and versatile…. For this long-term test we chose not to use a press unit supplied by CFMoto but a machine belonging to one of our partners in order to have the experience as close as possible to a consumer who seeks to own one. In short, they are a reference in this field.

With the machine assembled and well prepared, we took possession in early June and since then, we have been beating the living daylights out of the thing!

How to clean brakes without taking tires off

Since that fateful date, we have abused and tortured the little as never before for testing. High revving, no holds barred kinda stuff. The engine air intake even swallowed a few tablespoons of water. Pretty tough on a machine that had twenty kilometres on the clock! The CForce ended this adventure with only one glitch: A punctured right rear tire which was totally our fault. Submerged in water, high-speed bumps, rocks and just about anything Mother Nature could send us including the kitchen sink!

I liked it!

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The machine is surprising. I was comfortable during the whole ride. Power steering does the trick for me. I liked the fact that when I give full throttle, the machine does not respond abruptly. Result: only a punctured tire, which was entirely my fault. I only replaced the split tire from the Parry Sound ride and did not touch, adjust or check anything. A good km at a good clip. Do you know what surprises me the most? The level of performance of the cc compared to what is available elsewhere in the market in this category.

But, no, I was able to follow others without difficulty. One thing that annoys me though: The power steering. An ultimate test of performance and torture of an ATV or side by side is a mud-racing event. You know the kind with deep sticky stuff with clay that is the most destructive on drive belts? This kind of fun!

For the festival, I gave the controls to our Facebook guru, Louis Gagnon:. Saturday morning was at the extreme challenge. A closed circuit with several pronounced curve, puddles, slimy mud and jumps in times heats.Bettings Trends: In their last five games, Sacramento is 3-1-1 ATS with 4 overs and 1 under. New Orleans is 2-3 ATS with 5 overs over their last five games.

2020 CFMOTO Utility UTVs

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cf moto utv reviews

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Long-term test: CFMoto Cforce 500 HO 2017 (PART 1)

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